The Flourishing Oregon Conference brings together community-based leaders in Oregon to empower collective action in their communities. Local leaders should be at the root of community change. And The Flourishing Oregon Conference equips those leaders. Through workshops, panels and break out sessions, this conference will equip local leaders with the skillset to make lasting change in their communities. Because every neighborhood deserves to flourish. 

Why Oregon 

As its most committed residents know, Oregon faces challenges in both urban and rural areas. This conference will champion a grassroots approach to address these challenges. Government, while essential, should not lead the way.  True flourishing starts with local leaders who understand their neighborhoods. Join us as we unlock Oregon's full potential, with local leadership driving lasting change.

About the Conference 

The Flourishing Oregon Conference envisions thriving local communities built on connection and collective action. As leaders, you are the root of that connection and the driver of collective change.

At the heart of our conference, you'll find engaging discussions, practical insights, and real-world success stories. Our sessions explore a wide range of topics, from securing funding for community projects to unraveling the invisible architecture that fortifies our communities. We delve into strategies for grassroots development, the nexus of health and housing, community well-being, asset-based development, and much more. 

This conference brings together a group of diverse community leaders, voices, and perspectives to foster connections and relationships, recognizing that our collective strength drives lasting change.

Coming from our distinct communities, we will learn from one another by sharing stories and insights from across the PNW. Let’s get to the root of change so every community can flourish. 

When one flourishes, we all flourish; when one faces challenges, we stand united.

Our inclusive approach ensures everyone has a seat at the table, from neighborhood associations to financial institutions to healthcare providers to faith communities. 

These core beliefs guide us:

  • Local leaders, serving their local communities, hold the key to solving the local and global challenges we all face.
  • We believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and community-driven solutions to address the unique complexities of each of our communities.

Our mission is clear: to gather, equip, encourage, and unite local leaders passionate about fostering positive change in their communities.

Join us as we chart a course for transformative change in Oregon’s communities.